Corporate Clients


Word Handler was originally conceived to provide the business community with professionally drafted copy to suit most commercial needs. We do that with three goals in mind: to improve quality of business communication, to make your image-in-words as good as it can be, and to simplify the lives of business people who would rather concentrate on other tasks than the mechanics of writing. Word Handler can fulfill an enormous variety of business writing needs, not limited to, but including:

  • Website Copy: designing a website is one thing; filling it with text is another. We can write your entire site for you, or we can do everything from overhauling to fine-tuning the one you have. We will keep an eye on it as well, adding, revising and correcting the new material a dynamic business inevitably generates.
  • Correspondence: be it formal business letters on paper or internal e-mail, your correspondence riskily puts your image on the line. Assign it a professional writer, and its recipients will be impressed by how good you look in words. We offer a short turnaround time on small projects like these, so that your letters and e-mails can remain timely and effective.
  • Notices and Memoranda: nothing makes a company look worse than posting badly written messages in public, and we’ve considered turning some of the most egregious into a Gallery of Shame. Word Handler is committed to concision and clarity in our business work, two qualities which are of paramount importance with signs and memos with wide distribution. Let us write them for you, or, if nothing else, let us polish and proofread your work before you put it up for all the world to see.
  • Corporate and Employee Manuals: if the materials we’ve just mentioned can, if poorly written, make you look bad to the public, these run the risk of making you look bad to your employees. If your desire is to have the people working for you understand and respect company policies (rather than make fun of the folder they were handed on their first day) we at Word Handler are here to come to your rescue.
  • Reports: in addition to the public and your employees, poor English and poor spelling in company reports can harm your image with the people to whom you submit them. We guarantee the utmost discretion on such projects, and take pride in being the most invisible of ghosts.
  • Package Instructions and Labels: our commitment to concision and clarity is invaluable where the written materials which accompany your product are concerned. Although you may not think of these when you first think of what a writing service can do for your business, little alienates a customer more than not understanding what to do with something after they’ve bought it. One word: Ikea.
  • Menus: these can be some of the most precarious business materials in public view because of the number of foreign words often involved. The public does catch mistakes with the names of dishes and ingredients, and, in a world where no one expects a correct menu anymore, one which gets everything right is certain to throw your establishment into the best possible light from the moment your customers are seated. With our command of French, Italian, Spanish and German, those are exactly the kind of menus we can provide.

Top quality writing is one of the most powerful tools your business has for reaching the rest of the world. At Word Handler, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and on our ability to make it work for your business. We refer you to our pricing page for information on our rates, as well as to our customer service page for details on our commitment to our clients’ needs.

Please e-mail or contact us with the details of any project we can undertake for you. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours, and look forward to helping your business, not only look successful, but also be successful.


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