Individual Clients


The range of projects we can undertake for our individual clients is enormous. Our services will take the bother out of writing, which we know can be an onerous chore for some people (who very likely can do well a lot of things we can’t do.) Examples of what we can and have done for our individual clients include:

  • Social Media: post something on Facebook and you’re putting yourself out in public; posting something poorly written and incomprehensible is going out in public without having brushed your hair and teeth. We offer a short turnaround time on small projects, so you’ll be able to keep your posts current even with a writing service on your side.
  • Blogs: if you want a large blog following, your blog needs to be smoothly written and intelligible, and we can supply highly readable copy to which your followers will look forward. Either give us an outline of what you want said, or give us a rough draft you’ve written: Word Handler will do the rest. We don’t advertise it to our business clients, but, if it’s what you want in your blog, we’re darn good comedy writers, too.
  • Personal Correspondence and e-mail: again, our short turnaround time on small items insures that you’ll get your point across. Tell us you want short and sweet, and we’ll leave out the adverbs at no extra charge.
  • Resumes and Curricula Vitae: nothing requires you to look good in print as much as your professional resume or CV, and nowhere else can a grammatical error be more fatal. We can help you put your CV together from scratch, or do a thorough brush-up job on the one you already have. We’ll even help you get the typesetting just right.
  • Books and other manuscripts: many people say they’d write a book if only they could. Word Handler makes it so you can, be it reworking an exisiting manuscript (however rough it may be), or even working with you on a full-out “as told to” basis.
  • Projects for small organizations:   clubs and associations produce flyers, notices and manuals which can only benefit from a professional writer’s touch. Giving these materials a polished look can only help garner respect for your group.
  • We’ve realized that the college application essay has become all-important, and — although we won’t write one for you — we work with college-bound clients to perfect these documents.   The necessary combination of editing and psychotherapeutic skills required for such projects is something we possess and enjoy putting to use, and, with plenty of Ivy League experience under our belts, we can help you craft an essay which will get the notice it deserves.
  • We’re even happy to handle more personal projects, such as dating profiles, or going full-out Cyrano de Bergerac and taking care of your amorous correspondence. We also enjoy creative work, and would jump at the chance to cook up a personalized bedtime story for your child.
  • There are also people without access to, or knowledge of, computers. Seniors, for example, can employ us to handle such correspondence needs as they may have, as can people with difficulties in expressing themselves in English. If you know of someone in that type of situation, please consider having them give us a call.

If there’s anything you think we can help you with, please contact or e-mail us, and tell us about your project. We are always happy to assist you; that’s why we went into a service business in the first place.