If a full written-from-scratch project isn’t what you require, we are equally able to edit your manuscript.  Very often, another hand (and internal ear) can be very useful when preparing copy for the reading public.  Running a file through spell- or grammar-checking software can’t begin to repair linguistic mistakes the way a reading human can.  If your intention is to have your work read by humans, you need a human to edit it:  the craft (as well as the art) of writing is not something which can be adequately farmed out to machines.

We can tailor the extent of our editorial intervention to your requirements.  We can perform a complete overhaul of your work, we can proofread for grammar and spelling, and we can do anything in between.  We can retain as much, or as little, of the style in the original, and we take particular care with projects in which the client’s particular voice needs to be preserved.  We can even provide you with a marked-up version of the original, and allow you to decide which changes you wish to make.

Our abilities with foreign languages are very useful when it comes to proofreading either multilingual manuscripts or simply text with a large number of foreign words and expressions.  We are also aware that all English is not the same, and can work with, not only Standard American, but also with Standard British and Standard Canadian English spelling and grammar.  We can also proofread for formatting and for academic styles (such as the MLA), and even offer assistance with typesetting and layout.

If you need your writing fixed, we’ll fix it for you.  And we promise not to fix what ain’t broke in the first place.