Word Handler writes, edits, revises, proofreads, translates and even types any copy you provide, from basic correspondence to book-length manuscripts. We can give your business a polished and professional look, ensure that social media present you in the best possible way, assist you in the preparation of material for publication, and handle such simple tasks as your daily e-mail.

With the advent of the Internet, e-mail and electronic media, people are presenting themselves more and more through the written word. Often, the first look people have at you is what you’ve written. Word Handler will let you make the best possible first written impression, and will ensure that all your written communication is clear, to the point, elegant, and free of grammatical, usage, punctuation and spelling errors.

Much written English in print and on the Internet is fraught with mistakes, which people can – and do – catch. Exchanging “your” for “you’re” may well make a potential client shake his or her head, and think twice before entering into business with you. Writing “their” for “they’re” in social media will make you look bad to your friends, and likely stand in the way of making new ones.  And submitting a manuscript riddled with errors won’t exactly increase your chances of publication.

There is, however, more to writing than proper grammar and correct spelling and punctuation.  Ideas have to be organized and presented in a rational order.  Beginnings need to be found, middles have to be developed, and endings must crown the written edifice.  That is why Word Handler is far, far more than just a roomful of English teachers brandishing red pens.  We are here to do the writing for you.  Give us a chaos of ideas, and we will make a written order of them which your readers will be able to understand.  You can even tell us what sort of reader we’re writing for, be it fellow experts on the topic, or Martians who have only just immigrated to the United States.

Presenting quality written content will help you in any venture you may choose to pursue.  Word Handler is here to provide you with just that.

Quite literally – if you need it written, we’ll write it for you.

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Verba volant, scripta manent.