We are able to offer all of our English services in French as well. We are fully bilingual, and can write, edit and proofread copy in both languages.

Moreover, we offer a full set of translation services, from English to French, or from French to English.  We can do publication-suitable work, or we can provide working translations (in less time) when something less formally perfect is required.  We can even do literal translations, which can be more useful for certain types of clients than translations for meaning.

In addition to our full range of services in French, we can handle text in German, Italian and Spanish, most particularly where translations into English are concerned.  Rather than puzzle over the incomprehensible results of an automatic translation, a translation performed by a human for a human will be instantly intelligible, and far less liable to misconstruction than something which isn’t the product of an understanding brain.

We can also work with you to find assistance with foreign languages which are not in our repertoire.  We will help you find a translator, and can even apply our editorial and proofreading services to their rough English copy.