Websites and Blogs

If you are running a business, you must have a website.

Your website is the thing that first presents you to your prospective clients. It simply must make a good impression on the wide world of strangers who reside in cyberspace. While design and visual interest are important factors in any successful website, the heart of any good site is good, sound writing.

Marketing Copy

Word Handler is ready, willing and able to provide you with top-quality website copy that is fresh and to the point. We will project your desired image into cyberspace in terms that will make you and your business look good. Even the slightest grammatical error can damage that critical first impression. Our editing and proofreading departments will make sure that what goes up on your website is impressively clear and accurate.

We will work with you to select the appropriate voice for your business. Our experience in crafting marketing copy enables us to be everything from snappy and aggressive to restrained and elegant. Not all businesses are the same, nor do they share the same website needs. We appreciate the importance of suiting the copy to the business and can deliver a website that will appeal to your prospective client base.

Website Design

Word Handler offers more than just website copy.

We can assist you in the creation your site itself, help you with important aesthetic choices and locate images that will help tell your story. If your technical needs go beyond our ken, we partner with a team of developers in order to give you the website your business deserves.


For the purposes of search-engine optimization (SEO), a website needs to be more than just well written. Fresh and original content needs regularly to be added to the site; the quality and frequency of this content is a key factor in how your business stacks up on Google. The most common strategy for a steady flow of additional website content is keeping a blog.

The crafting, care and feeing of a blog is an activity we particularly enjoy at Word Handler. We will ghost write your blog and deliver weekly, biweekly or occasional copy that your readers will find interesting and worthy of a visit to your site. We can write in your voice, or help you select a voice appropriate to your business. You can assign blog topics, or we can choose the subjects on our own. We possess the research skills to write with reasonable authority on nearly any subject. The result will be a blog people want to read rather than a mere SEO strategy.


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