Customer Service


At the heart of the Word Handler business philosophy is a commitment to superlative customer service. Not just efficient, prompt and courteous customer service. Nor merely providing you with excellent quality copy. We take our role as ghosts-with-a-pen very seriously, and recognize that our job is to give you a voice – and that voice should be your voice. We don’t want all our clients to sound the same, however much easier that would make our job.

The way for us to find your voice is to get to know you. This doesn’t mean subjecting all our clients to Freudian psychoanalysis, but it does mean taking a look at the full client picture. We love writing long sentences, but if an elaborate string of dependent clauses isn’t you, we’re going to provide you with syntax which is you. We enjoy finding out who our clients are, be it through e-mail exchanges or telephone conversations, which is why we’re the last business on Earth which answers calls rather than routing our clients through one of those irritating menus. Developing a client relationship is what allows us to provide you with the kind of copy upon which we pride ourselves.

We are always eager to learn new words, and enjoy picking up the specialized vocabulary required by some of our business clients. Although we try to steer clear of jargon, we also know when at least a little of it needs to be incorporated into a project. Above and beyond knowing you, we also need to know something about your audience, which is a further reason why personalized customer service is so essential a part of what we have to offer our clients.

We are in a service business because we want to be of assistance, and our goal is never to say “no” to a client. We may not be able to make light travel faster than 186,282 miles per second, but, if that’s what you need, we’ll do our best to make it happen. There’s a reason our company motto is “the customer is always write.”

Fear not to contact us should you have any questions regarding any of our services. We enjoy hearing from you.

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