The Blogfolio

As we can’t send you perfume samples in the mail, or hand out little paper tasting cups filled with our creations, we thought a gallery of the kind of work we can provide might give an idea of what we can do for you.

We are calling it our “blogfolio”.  Think of it as an artist’s portfolio in text form.  We promise it won’t catalogue what we had for breakfast this morning.  It’s offered as a collection of chiefly essays on various topics and in various tones, ranging from the formal to the humorous.  We hope it will serve two purposes:  offering a sampler of Word Handler’s ability to handle words…and cataloging The Decline And Fall Of Just About Everything.

Feel free to enjoy.  And feel equally free to employ us for all your writing needs.  As we like to say here at Word Handler, the customer is always write.

To access the Blogfolio, please click here.