The Blog is Back

A cursory glance at the dates of the last three posts reveals that the Blogfolio has been on hiatus. There’s no mention even of the Dodgers’ unfortunate visit to the World Series in 2017. I realize that gardens need tending, but I had good reason for ignoring this one. I was ghost-cultivating someone else’s garden.

That’s one of the things we do at Word Handler: write a blog for you, either giving a polished written voice to your own ideas, or keeping your website SEO-current using content of our own choosing. Professional discretion means that I can’t tell you whose blog I have been writing for the past year, nor can I tell you where it can be found. Let me state, however, that my thoughts on the 2017 World Series are somewhere out there in cyberspace. I hope Charlie Culberson was able to read all the nice things that were written about him.

(I might also point out that my thoughts on the 2018 World Series are currently available for advance purchase.)

While ideas garnered while I was working on a large-scale cryptocurrency project have accounted for all the Blogfolio content I’ve written since returning from hiatus, I feel that some attention needs to be paid to what’s happened to the world since the end of the 2016 baseball season.

Quel mess.

I hardly know where to begin, but I’m increasingly convinced that aliens must be shooting crazy rays willy-nilly at our poor planet. Earthlings Gone Cray-Cray probably makes for a hysterically funny and top-rated reality show on Mars. I’d compare it to a sitcom on this planet starring little green men, but I just realized that there are no doubt earthlings who’d object to my stereotyping the residents of Mars as little green men.

There must be little green women as well.

The 5’10” white man writing this craves the Martians’ pardon.

Never have I felt a greater desire to rise above party politics, not merely because I’m a businessman and want to avoid scaring off potential clients with my political opinions. Furthermore, partisan discourse in this country usually degenerates into playground squabbling, and, like most heated arguments between four-year-olds, rarely results in an intellectually satisfying consensus solution to the problem. If there is any kind of a way out of the current mess, it’s not going to come from lines drawn in the sandbox.

Perhaps I should keep to topics like Bitcoin and sports, although nothing’s safe anymore. Look at the Dodgers: not a single Martian on the team! What could be more earthist than MLB?

The Blogfolio is, however, back. I have resumed the ritual sacrifices of prose to the SEO gods. Those come with a foolish irony of their own: Google tells us that its algorithm now values sites that are written with the user in mind. But, bottom line, who is this hypothetical user?

Isn’t it still Google itself?





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