Dodgers in 6

Clayton Kershaw The Dodgers won the World Series. They needed three trips to the Fall Classic in four years, but they finally did it. Last night’s Game 6 was a good, tight game. It wasn’t crazy like last Saturday’s Game 4 (I don’t think I could have handled another of those), but there was plenty of excitement as Tampa Bay got off to a quick lead and the Dodgers didn’t catch up until the 6th inning. We then scored twoRead more

The Manny Machado Trade

The other shoe has finally dropped and Manny Machado has become a Dodger. To quote my favorite line from Aladdin, I’m going to have a heart attack and die from that surprise. Anybody who didn’t see that coming probably didn’t see that Bryce Harper was going to win the Home Run Derby either. I rarely look at Twitter, but Sportsnet LA made it impossible for me not to see a tweeted video of Justin Turner and Alex Wood jumping forRead more

Oh, the aching Dodgers!

Tell me this isn’t happening again. After watching the Ducks limp through the first half of their season with a raft of injuries to key player after key player, I now have to watch the Dodgers go down like so many elevators from the top floor of the Empire State Building. In case anyone’s missed it, the team began the season with Justin Turner disabled from a broken wrist. He’s currently sharing space on the injured roster with Logan Forsythe,Read more