Ten Little Somethings

Most likely the best known of Agatha Christie’s mystery novels is­­—ah, but there’s the rub: what is it called? For an especially well known novel, the one that ends with the mystery of ten dead bodies and no apparent murderer has gone through three different titles. The play based on the novel has also gone through this retitling process, not always in link-step with the book. These days, in English-speaking countries, the title of the novel in question is AndRead more

The Lady in the Alphabet Soup

Two Saturday nights ago, great mystery writers fared very poorly on Turner Classic Movies. At 9:00, as part of his “Noir Alley” series, Eddie Muller hosted a showing of Lady in the Lake from 1947. Two hours later they showed a 1965 movie entitled The Alphabet Murders. The first is a film version of Raymond Chandler’s The Lady in the Lake. The second claims to be based on an Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders. The two movies are differently bad,Read more