Dodgers in 6

Clayton Kershaw The Dodgers won the World Series. They needed three trips to the Fall Classic in four years, but they finally did it. Last night’s Game 6 was a good, tight game. It wasn’t crazy like last Saturday’s Game 4 (I don’t think I could have handled another of those), but there was plenty of excitement as Tampa Bay got off to a quick lead and the Dodgers didn’t catch up until the 6th inning. We then scored twoRead more

Episode 34

Daniela Romo (Angela), Jorge Poza (Diego), Irene Azuela (Ysabel), Erick Elias (Julio), Ilse Salas (Belen), Diana Bracho (Teresa) One of the most enjoyable telenovelas in recent memory is the Mexican El Hotel de los Secretos, which first aired in 2016 and is now available for revisiting on YouTube. Lavishly produced, the show is set in 1908 with elaborate sets and period costumes. The cast, unusually for any genre, gives two of its four above-the-title billed roles to older women (DanielaRead more