And the answer is…

Jeopardy! is the third-longest running game show in American television history, placing right behind The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. That’s without reckoning its earlier daytime run under Art Fleming from 1964 to1975 and a couple goes in syndication before the current version, hosted by Alex Trebek, reached the airwaves in 1984. The game is a quiz show with a gimmick. Instead of asking its contestants to come up with the answers to questions, it asks them toRead more

A Balanchine Tribute

 (Balanchine arranging Suzanne Farrell’s headpiece for Diamonds, 1966) As part of Lincoln Center’s series of streamed events to keep the homebound happy in the absence of live performances, the New York Citiy Ballet delved into its archive of televised performances of ballets choreographed by the company’s founder, George Balanchine. Unearthed (and still available on YouTube) were: a complete performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream from 1986; the third act of a 1978 Coppélia , and a triple-bill Tribute to Balanchine consisting ofRead more