Ahlersisms 101

Having written about gun control and the Western Wall in Jerusalem, I can now turn my attention to something really important: hockey. As far as my being an Anaheim Ducks fan is concerned, I came over with the Kevin Bieksa trade. My primary allegiance is to the Vancouver Canucks (no snarky comments, please), but the defections of Bieksa and, the year before, Ryan Kesler, made it inevitable that I’d throw some support behind their new team. Especially as their newRead more

Mixing It Up at the Kotel

The Israeli government has recently passed legislation which will establish an area before the Kotel (i.e. the Western Wall) in which men and women may commingle, as opposed to the current setup in which, as in any Orthodox synagogue, there are distinct sections for men and women, separated by a mechitzah (i.e. a physical barrier or wall.) At the very least, I consider this and yet another case of fixin’ what ain’t broke: the current arrangements at the Kotel haveRead more

Rational Approaches to the Gun Issue

I’ve been writing of late about Agatha Christie. A novel I recently consumed in the space of an evening was the mildly unusual Poirot opus Sad Cyprus. In it (I’m giving nothing away you don’t get on the first page), the instrument of murder is poison – an overdose of what the British were still colorfully calling “morphia” when the book was published. Off the top of my head, I’m having trouble recalling one of Mrs. Christie’s novels which usesRead more