Happy Cyber Monday!

Inasmuch as I understand anything these days, Cyber Monday was designed as the day for online retailers to offer consumers their biggest deals of the holiday season, and, thus, to pocket whatever funds people have left after the frenzy of in-store Black Friday shopping. As for the last-named, it began simply enough as the name retail clerks gave to the busiest day of the shopping year, when the start of the gift-buying season coincided with a day most people hadRead more

Unhexing the Ducks

We take you to a street in Santa Ana, California, outside a ramshackle store trading in religious articles and amulets. A great number of statues of saints is visible in the window; behind them is mysterious darkness. A blazing early November Orange County sun shines down on the four conspicuously white men gathered outside. The men were Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieksa. All four were wearing T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops (Bieksa’s shorts are shorter than theRead more

Relaunching Ourselves into Cyberspace

Word Handler is MDG Writing Services turning over a new leaf, and exchanging its previously perhaps overly formal image for a better-rounded one, since commercial words aren’t the only words we can handle. We still do business writing, and still make it as austere as the client desires, but there’s much more written communication in the world today than was dreamt of in our original philosophy.   We aim to help with, if not all of it, certainly much of it.Read more

Freedom of Stupid Speech

The recent mega-flap at the University of Oklahoma with regard to the virally gone (and context-less) video of a bus of frat boys singing a very stupid set of alternate words to “If You’re Happy and You Know It” ought to be a cause of serious concern to the American populace.  The incident threatens one of the key rights afforded citizens of this country by the Constitution, and deserves to be front-page news. This despite the fact that seemingly everyoneRead more

Gone with the Wind

For want of a live hockey game (the Canucks losing at Winnipeg on Friday night were stashed in the mysterious recesses of the DVR), I turned the television to TCM on Saturday night.  Gone with the Wind was about to start, and I figured I’d watch the start of the movie, as I usually catch it in medias res, and, thus, have seen the end far more often than the beginning. Perhaps predictably, I stuck with the movie from overture to exitRead more

The Death of the Actress

For the past few mornings, the newspaper has been ferociously promoting the film Philomena for Academy Award consideration.  If there were an Oscar for trying to win an Oscar, I think the producers of Philomena would be contenders; one of the nominations they are seeking so aggressively is for Dame Judi Dench, for what the ads call “Best Actress.” I believe that the category is still named that, and would venture that Dame Judi considers herself an actress, but both my suppositions buck theRead more